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    Doug Kleinsmith

    Doug Kleinsmith is a renaissance man. With experience in a vast array of industries, Douglas has been an influential role model for people in a variety of fields for the past several decades. A consummate professional, he never misses an opportunity to help those who are less fortunate. His passion for life and drive to succeed are evident in everything he does.

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    Doug Kleinsmith was born in Southern California in 1961 and raised there. Growing up, he had diverse interests, and he could not decide how he would spend his adulthood. One thing he did know was that he felt it was always preferable to be in the field rather than in school. After completing high school, he decided to enter the workforce as soon as possible. Even though he values experience, he enrolled in numerous self-improvement courses that would equip him with the exact skills he felt he needed in his professional life.


    Doug has been self-employed for over 35 years. He believes that there is nothing more satisfying than creating something from scratch. Even though starting a new business presents challenges, he has found great inspiration in his motto, "if it's to be, it's up to ME." In his career, his dedication and work ethic has set him apart from many others.


    He has a wide range of skills, but his primary focus has been on establishing two successful marketing businesses. He has trained thousands of professional salespeople, allowing them to demonstrate their abilities. He believes that everyone can overcome obstacles in their lives; all they need is the motivation and desire to do so. Numerous professionals have followed in his footsteps, and many former employees of his marketing companies are now doing well on their own.

    In recognition of his accomplishments, he has been ranked as the top marketing agent in his field for 12 of the past 35 years. In addition, he has received state and multi-state awards in 30 of the past 35 years, which exemplifies his extraordinary abilities in the field.


    In addition to his success as a marketing professional, Doug Kleinsmith also has considerable real estate industry experience. He believes that real estate is a worthwhile investment but cautions individuals to think carefully before purchasing a property. Whether a person is purchasing a residential or commercial property, he has extensive knowledge of rental property management.


    This experience is largely the result of his passion for house flipping. He believes that there are numerous beautiful properties in the area that require only a little tender loving care. What began as a pastime has evolved into a significant business interest, as he spends a great deal of time renovating old houses. Then, once he determines how to uncover the home's hidden purpose, he can relist it and sell it to a deserving individual.


    He also believes that it is essential for individuals to use the money to generate income. Therefore, he focuses on stock market investments. Investing in the stock market is difficult, and he is a self-taught expert. He understands how to invest for various investment horizons, and he shares his experience, knowledge, and investment strategies with others. Numerous individuals hope to retire one day, but it will be difficult to do so without stock market investments. This is a talent that he has also taught to his children.


    Doug Kleinsmith spends his time giving back to the less fortunate when he is not pursuing one of his numerous business interests. He spends a great deal of time volunteering with local nonprofit organizations in an effort to leave a positive mark on the community. He is very generous with his time and resources, attempting to provide assistance to those who may not have as many resources as he does. This is something he hopes to share with others, encouraging others to contribute to the community as well.


    Even though Doug Kleinsmith spends a great deal of time at work, he is committed to achieving a healthy work-life balance. He considers the fact that he has four beautiful children as his greatest accomplishment. He tries to set a good example for his two daughters and two sons every day. He places his children's needs before his own, and he has taught them many valuable life lessons. He has made many sacrifices for his children, but he would not do anything differently. He is extremely proud of their accomplishments and eager to see what the future holds for them. His children are his greatest source of pleasure.


    He also enjoys sharing his hobbies with his loved ones. He squeezes hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, and traveling into his busy schedule. He believes that people can gain a great deal of knowledge by traveling the globe. He has already visited approximately fifteen countries, but he hopes to visit dozens more in the coming decades. When he travels, he seeks opportunities to assist the disadvantaged. In addition, he believes that travel can provide people with a fresh perspective on how fortunate they are to live the life they do.

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